How to Order

Enjoy hassle-free pre-departure shopping by pre-ordering products you wish to buy before departure,
and simply paying upon collection!

  • Search Products

    Search Products

  • Place an Order

    Place an Order

  • Confirmation of Order

    Confirmation of Order

  • Collect Your Order

    Collect Your Order

The Steps from Pre-Ordering Products to Collecting Your Order

  • (1) Select products

    (1) Select products

    Find products you wish to buy by searching by category, brand and keyword.

  • (2) Put items in your shopping cart

    (2) Put items in your shopping cart

    Select quantity and put items in your shopping cart.

    You need to select an airport.

  • (3) View your shopping cart

    (3) View your shopping cart

    Click the shopping cart icon. You can view the items in your shopping cart.
    Click "View My Shopping Cart" and check the contents.

      If you want to place your order, please click "Enter Customer Information."
      If you want to order more items, please click "Continue My Shopping."

    You need membership registration or login.

  • (4) Enter your customer information (departure information)

    (4) Enter your customer information (departure information)

    • Departure Date
    • Departure Time
    • Flight Number

    Your registered membership information will be reflected to the information of the person ordering.

    If the person who ordered the items and the person who collects the items are not the same, the name of the person who is collecting the items must be registered.

  • (5) Complete the ordering process

    (5) Complete the ordering process

    Confirm your order details and complete the ordering process.

    Our system will send you an automated message upon the submission of your order.

    At this point, the reservation of pre-ordered items is not complete.

  • (6) Order confirmation

    (6) Order confirmation

    After checking availability, we will send you an Order Confirmation E-mail within three days. Please read through this e-mail.
    (exclueding Saturday,Sunday,holiday, and year end and new year)

    Because of stock availability, there is a possibility that we may not be able to meet your request.

    Please keep your Order Confirmation E-mail, as we will ask you to present it at the time of your visit to our shop.

  • (7) Collect your order

    (7) Collect your order

    Please present your Order Confirmation E-mail at your collection point.
    In case you are not able to present your Order Confirmation E-mail, please tell our staff the order number and the name of the person ordering the items (or the name of the person who collects the items if that was the information being entered into the form).

    Shops where you can collect your pre-order items

【Please read below before using our website.】

This website is a pre-order site of DUTY FREE shops where passengers who are leaving Japan can visit before boarding after they go through passport control.
All of the products displayed on this website must be purchased at these DUTY FREE shops that are found only after the passport control. Please note that we are not able to sell and deliver products both inside and outside Japan.

Restrictions on Carry-on Liquids Applied for Connecting Flights

You may need to undergo another baggage screening if you use connecting flights.
Liquids purchased at DUTY FREE shops are also subject to restrictions and may be confiscated at the security checkpoint of your transit airport.
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DUTY FREE allowance on the items that you bring into foreign countries

Some articles, such as cigarettes, are subject to import restrictions. Each country sets its own rules for DUTY FREE allowances regarding the amount that travelers can bring in as DUTY FREE.
Please note that purchases that exceed your DUTY FREE allowance could be subject to confiscation or penalties upon arrival at your destination country.

Prices of Products

The prices indicated on this website are the prices as of today. Please note that if there is a price change after you order, the list price on the day of your purchase will be applied.

The Colors of Products Displayed on This Website

All images shown on this website are illustration purpose only. The actual colors of products may slightly differ from those that appear on your smartphones and PCs.

Return or exchange products

We are afraid that we are not able to accept a return or an exchange of DUTY FREE goods. Your understanding is appreciated.
In the event that the product is defective, please contact us using Contact Form.

Please check here the payment methods.