Important Information Regarding Restrictions on Carry-on Items

Restrictions on Carry-on Liquids Applied for Connecting Flights

You may need to undergo another baggage screening if you use connecting flights.
Liquids purchased at DUTY FREE shops are also subject to restrictions and may be confiscated at the security checkpoint of your transit airport.
Please inquire with your airline company regarding baggage screening at your transit airport.

When our customers purchase liquids that exceed 100 ml and declare to us that they travel with connecting flights, we pack their purchases in Security Tamper-Evident Bags (STEBs).
However, please note that liquids in STEBs could be subject to confiscation at baggage screening of the transit airports.
*We will not take any responsibility for any troubles. We advise you to confirm with your travel destination or airline staff for yourself.

  • Please refer to Narita Airport's Security Guide>> for information on restrictions on carry-on liquids.
  • (The policy regarding the protection of personal information after transferring to the Narita International Airport Web site will change to the policy of the new site.)

DUTY FREE allowance on the items that you bring into foreign countries

Some articles, such as cigarettes, are subject to import restrictions. Each country sets its own rules for DUTY FREE allowances regarding the amount that travelers can bring in as DUTY FREE.
Please note that purchases that exceed your DUTY FREE allowance could be subject to confiscation or penalties upon arrival at your destination country.