Terms of Use

ANA TRADING DUTY FREE CO.,LTD. (“Company” hereinafter) hereby establishes the following Terms of Use regarding use of the ANA Duty Free Shop (“Site” hereinafter) operated by the Company.

ANA TRADING DUTY FREE CO.,LTD. considers the personal information entrusted to it by customers through the business of operating DUTY FREE shops, which is essential to the provision of services that will satisfy customers fully, to be important customer property entrusted to it, and it recognizes that protection of customer personal information is one of its social responsibilities.
The Company has established, and implements and maintains, the following policies on the protection of personal information.

Article 1. Scope and amendment of these Terms
These Terms apply to any and all matters related to use of the services of the Site, operated by the Company.
Customers hereby consent that the Company may amend these Terms without notifying customers in advance. Such amendments shall be announced to customers as appropriate through means of communication provided by the Company.
Article 2. Amendment of these Terms
As it deems necessary, the Company may amend these Terms without the customer’s consent. Customers shall be deemed to have acknowledged such revisions to these Terms upon the posting of the revisions, their content, etc. to the Site.
Article 3. Handling of personal information
The Company shall handle customers’ personal information appropriately pursuant to the Privacy Policy posted separately and Article 6 (Management of Personal Information).
Article 4. Use of the services
Customers may use the Company’s services as instructed in these Terms and other documents established by the Company, including the Privacy Policy and User’s Guide.
No charges shall apply to use of the Site.
Article 5. Restrictions on use of the services and prohibitions

Minors must have the consent of their parents or guardians to use the Company’s services


Customers must not engage in any of the following acts when using the service.

  1. Use, for commercial or noncommercial purposes, of the services, information, and content concerning products etc. provided on the Site without the Company’s prior consent
  2. Acts that hinder operation of the service or other acts that could impede the service
  3. Improperly obtaining or using login IDs and passwords
  4. Acts that infringe on the trademark rights, copyright, privacy, or other rights of other customers, third parties, or the Company, or acts that could cause inconvenience, disadvantages, damage, etc. to other customers, third parties, or the Company
  5. Entering false information
  6. Acts that are, or could be, counter to public order and decency or in violation of laws or regulations
  7. Unauthorized alteration of information concerning the Company or the service or provided through the service
  8. Transmitting, or loading, harmful computer programs etc.
  9. Other acts judged by the Company to be inappropriate with regard to operation of the service
ID and password
  1. Customers shall use the service with the IDs and passwords they chose themselves or the membership numbers and passwords issued by the Company.
  2. Customers shall bear all responsibility for use and management of the IDs and passwords they chose themselves or the membership numbers and passwords issued by the Company.
  3. Customers shall use and manage IDs, membership numbers, and passwords responsibly and shall not transfer, lend, or disclose them to, or permit their use by, any third parties.
  4. Customers shall notify the Company immediately if they have determined that an ID, member number, or password has been used improperly by a third party.
Use of JavaScript
ANA Duty Free Shop includes some pages that use JavaScript. Some content may not function or display properly if JavaScript is disabled in the browser used.
Please enable JavaScript to enjoy your shopping experience fully.
Article 6. Management of personal information
Purpose of use of personal information

The Site uses users’ personal information for the following purposes.

  1. To send products, catalogs, materials, etc. requested by users
  2. For settlement of payment for products sold by the Company
  3. For provision by the Company and its business partners or others of after-sales service or other individual services
  4. To provide information on various events and promotional campaigns
  5. To conduct surveys concerning the products, services, etc. provided by the Company
  6. To develop new products and services
  7. To respond to inquiries, requests, etc.
Use of personal information of ANA Mileage Club members
The Company may use personal information of members of the ANA Mileage Club, operated by ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS CO., LTD., for the above purposes. Such use shall be suspended immediately if so requested by the member concerned
Disclosure of information

Site application information may be provided or disclosed to third parties in any of the cases enumerated below.

  1. When the user has consented to such provision or disclosure in advance;
  2. When preparing statistical data based on statistical collection and analysis of personal information and converting it to a form in which it cannot be used to identify specific individuals;
  3. When its disclosure of provision is required by law or regulations;
  4. When necessary for the purposes of protecting human life, health, or property, and it would be difficult to obtain the consent of the user; and
  5. When it is necessary to cooperate in the performance of official duties by a national or local public agency or similar body, and obtaining the consent of the user could impede the performance of such duties.
Deletion of information
The Company reserves the right to delete information containing the content enumerated in the preceding paragraph and other information it deems inappropriate to the site.
Access logs and cookies

In order to provide optimal services, the Company uses access log and cookie technologies to collect information related to site access records and other matters.

  1. Access logs
    Some customer actions on the site are recorded in access logs. These are obtained for purposes such as future improvements to make the site more convenient, investigating the causes of any problems, and analyzing use of the site.
    Access logs will not be used for any other purposes.
  2. Cookies
    Cookies are data files used to identify the computers used by customers in cases such as when they return to the Company’s website, in order to increase the convenience of website use (for example, through storing items in the shopping cart and information in the favorites list).
    While customers may choose to reject cookies by changing their web browser settings, note that doing so may make it impossible to use the Company website or the services provided on the website properly.
The Company may send you email and other communications from time to time, based on customers’ registered personal information, to provide information on products, services, etc. provided by the Company or its business partners. However, the Company will cease sending such email and other communications if the customer has notified it that he or she does not desire to receive them.
Article 7. Site management and operation
  1. SSL
    Secure sockets layer (SSL) technology is used to prevent unauthorized access and alteration of data by encrypting it when sending and receiving it. The Company website uses SSL to encrypt communications on pages used to send and receive personal information, such as those for member registration and responding to surveys. This is intended to prevent outsiders from intercepting transmission of customers’ personal information.
  2. Firewalls
    All of the Company’s servers are protected by firewalls to help prevent unauthorized access by third parties.
    The Company also employs systems designed to detect and prevent unauthorized access attempting to break through the firewalls.
  3. Detection of emails infected with computer viruses
    The Company employs programs that can detect emails delivered to Company servers that include computer viruses and eliminate the viruses to prevent infection.
    In addition, all emails sent from the Company are checked for viruses.
    However, some viruses are able to spoof the senders of email. If you receive a suspicious email that identifies the Company as the sender, please let us know immediately. We will investigate the matter urgently.
    Customers themselves are requested to employ caution regarding emails with file attachments and emails from unknown senders, to avoid damage caused by computer viruses.
  4. Maintenance of the service
    In order to maintain the service in good operating condition, the Company may temporarily suspend or interrupt provision of the service, in whole or in part, in any of the following cases, without providing any prior notice to members.

    1. Periodic and emergency maintenance of the computer systems used to provide the service
    2. When operation of the service is difficult due to causes such as fire, earthquake, flooding, lightning strikes, heavy snowfall, power failures, or natural disaster
    3. When operation of the service is difficult due to causes such as problems in computer systems, unauthorized access by third parties, or infection with computer viruses
    4. As demanded by administrative or judicial agencies with proper grounds
    5. In other cases in which the Company has determined that there is a need to suspend system operation
  5. Copyright
    All copyright, trademark rights, and other intellectual property rights related to the images, designs, etc. posted to the site are the property of the Company or other applicable rights holders, and customers shall not act in ways that would infringe on such rights.
Article 8. Compensation for damage
Except as stipulated otherwise, the Company shall not be liable for any damage suffered by users or third parties in connection with the provision of, delays in, changes to, or interruption, suspension, cessation, or discontinuation of the service, leakage or loss of information etc. registered or provided through the service, or any other matters related to the service.
If a user has caused damage to any third party through use of the service, the user shall resolve such matter at its own cost and responsibility and shall not cause any damage to the Company as a result. If a user has caused damage to the Company through an act in violation of these Terms or an improper or unlawful act, the Company may demand from the user appropriate compensation for such damage.
Article 9. Disclaimers
The Company shall be exempted from liability through administrative processing in accordance with the content registered by customers.
The Company shall not be liable for any damage, losses, disadvantages, etc. suffered by members, either directly or indirectly, even in the event that it has temporarily suspended, interrupted, or modified the service due to natural disaster or unavoidable technical reasons involving the Company.
If a customer has caused any damage etc. to any other customer or a third party through use of the service, the customer shall resolve such matter at its own cost and responsibility and shall not cause any damage, loss, disadvantage, etc. to the Company as a result.
Article 10. Modifications to the service
The Company may change the content of the service without notifying users in advance.
The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantages or damage suffered by users in such a situation.
Article 11. Interruption and cessation of the service
The Company may interrupt or cease providing the service, in whole or in part, without prior notice to users for any of the reasons enumerated below.
(1) For periodic or emergency maintenance, inspection, or upgrading of the equipment and information systems used to provide the service
(2) When it would be difficult to provide the service due to cases of force majeure such as fire, power failure, or natural disaster
(3) When a type I telecommunications carrier fails to provide its services
(4) In other cases in which the Company needs to interrupt temporarily or cease the service for operational or technical reasons, or the Company has determined that it would be difficult to provide the service due to unforeseen circumstances, the Company shall not be liable for any disadvantages or damage suffered by users or third parties due to causes such as the temporary interruption or cessation of provision of the service.
Article 12. Agreed-upon court of jurisdiction
The Tokyo District Court, which has jurisdiction over the location of the Company’s head office, shall be the agreed-upon exclusive court of first instance for any disputes arising with regard to these Terms.
Article 13. Applicable laws
The laws of Japan shall apply to the conclusion, validity, performance, interpretation, and application of these Terms.
These Terms shall apply beginning February 1, 2013.