• Shops

    • Q1. Where are your shops located?

      Please check the store location of Fuchsia by the Peach Duty-Free Shop at store information.
    • Q2. What days do the shops close and what are the business hours?

      We are open 365 days.
      You can find the business hours of each shop at Shop Information

  • Orders

    • Q3. Can I pre-order products that are not listed on the site?

      You can place an order for the products that are not listed on the site, as long as we carry those products.
      Please place an order using Contact Form.

    • Q4. Can an order be changed, added to, or canceled after it has been submitted?

      If the order status is "Confirmed," you can add items to, change, or cancel the order.

      add items to, change, or cancel the order

      If the order status is "Submitted Order" or "Submitted Change," you cannot add items to, change, or cancel the order.

      • Submitted Order
      • Submitted Change
    • Q5. Can someone other than the person departing Japan place a pre-order?

      A person other than the person departing Japan can also place a pre-order.
      When you enter your customer information, please also enter the name of the person who will collect your order.

    • Q6. I have not received an e-mail on my submitted order.

      Once you submit your order, our system will send you an automated message on the receipt of your order.
      If you have not received our e-mail, please check the following possibilities.

      • Because of incorrect e-mail address
        →You may have entered a different e-mail address at the time of your membership registration. If this is the case, please re-register as a new member.
      • Because of Junk mail settings
        →Please check your spam or junk mail folder. A spam filter could be blocking e-mails from ANA DUTY FREE SHOP. Please change the filter settings to allow our e-mail address so that future e-mails from us will not be blocked.
      • When a mobile phone email address was used in registration but domain left unspecified
        →Please set up your mobile phone to accept the following domain.

      Your order details can be checked with the list of My Orders on My Page.

    • Q7. My flight has not been confirmed yet. Can I place an order?

      Unfortunately you cannot place an order if your flight has not been confirmed.
      After your flight has been confirmed, please place your order within the pre-order period.

    • Q8. When can I place my pre-order?

      You can place a pre-order from up to 30 days to 3 days before your departure date.

      Available for pre-ordering
  • Purchased Items

    • Q9. Can I purchase products and have them sent to the locations in Japan or other countries?

      Taxes and duties on products sold in the DUTY FREE shops in the departure area are waived under the condition that customers will take their purchase out of Japan by themselves. Therefore, you cannot have your purchase sent to other locations in either Japan or other countries. Your understanding is appreciated.

    • Q10. Can I return or exchange products that I purchased?

      We are afraid that we are not able to accept a return or an exchange of DUTY FREE goods. Your understanding is appreciated.
      In the event that the product is defective, please contact us using Contact Form.