About the advance reservation of duty free items.

The rules for accepting the reservations has been changed.

Attention of the advanced reservation:The advance reservation of duty free items can be applied 30 days before departure. The acceptance of reservations near the departure date is announced on the website. Please be sure to check the website before using. *Fuchsia by peach is a duty-free shop operated by ANA DUTY FREE SHOP.

Easily reserve duty free items by your personal computer at home♪If you make a reservation on the website before traveling, you can simply pick up & pay the Reserved items on the day of departure!Would you not like to enjoy your traveling more by using the advance reservation of Fuchsia by peach DUTY FREE SHOP?

Advance reservation from the web is here

How to apply for advance reservation by e-mail or web

  1. Step1:Apply for reservation by e-mail/Apply for reservation on the web

    Reserve by e-mail:fuchsia@anadf.com

    Reserve on the web:Product Search/Apply for reservation

  2. Step2:Notification of advance reservation completion/Notification of advance reservation completion

    We will check the inventory status of the reserved items and we will send you a completion notice when all the reserved items are gathered.

    Reserve by e-mail:If“reservation confirmed message”arrives, the reservation is confirmed.

    Reserve on the web:When“reservation confirmed message”arrives, the reservation is completed

  3. Step3:Just purchase the reserved items at the store on the day after departure procedures!

    When you finish your departure procedures, you simply pick up & pay the Reserved items.

    After check in→Enjoy shopping→Board your flight comfortably